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It's been a while since I last posted here. Sorry. I hope you can forgive me in the fullness of time.

So Thursday the UK decided to leave the EU for some bizarre reason that I still don't fully understand. Many of those who voted to remain feel angry and cheated out of what may have been a more prosperous future than they are now faced with. However, I don't want to rant and rave about how we've made a terrible mistake. I've already done that on Facebook.

Sickeningly, there are already stories and rumours of open racism and/or xenophobia between citizens and EU migrants. As a country we cannot let this happen. This is something we have to fight before it becomes a societal norm.

Here's my simple request, regardless of how you voted: next time you see or hear someone dishing out the racial or xenophobic abuse … Read more

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Jeremy Corbyn: One Week In

I didn't put Jeremy Corbyn on my ballot for the Labour leadership. He came across as very genuine during the leadership campaign, but I just couldn't get behind his policies. We lost the election because we didn't appeal to enough of the electorate, so running for the leadership with policies that only appeal to one segment of society seemed like pure folly.

So as you might imagine I was pretty disappointed when the election result was announced. Corbyn was of course tipped to win, but winning in the first round of vote counting with a landslide majority certainly demonstrated a strong mandate for his leadership. I wasn't happy, but I couldn't argue with the democratic process.

The next few days were like watching a train crash in agonisingly slow motion. Here's a list of Corbyn-related blunders I can think of off the top of my head right now:

  • dropping out … 

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