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Jurassic World Review

The latest in the franchise doesn't quite capture the charm of the original, but with plenty of nods to the first film, eye-popping visuals and intense action scenes, you'll be thoroughly entertained to the end.

I really liked the first Jurassic Park film, like so many others, and I'm an even bigger fan of the book. So when rumours started circulating a few years ago that another film was in the works, I was pretty excited. Naturally, Spielberg wanted to ensure that the screenplay would be great, no doubt wanting to avoid a repeat of Jurassic Park III, so for many years production of Jurassic World was held up by several rewrites.

The film is set twenty-two years after the incident in the first film. InGen has been bought out by Masrani Global, which has achieved what the former never did: a theme park home to living dinosaurs.

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