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"New" Job!

So the title of this post was originally going to be "New Job!", but since I've been in my current post since September I figured that might be a bit misleading, so I added some lovely quotes to make it feel less like a blatant lie.

Since the end of my PhD I've been working in the department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, doing software engineering as part of a project called SMARTmove. The project aims to rehabilitate the upper limbs of stroke patients using a technique known as functional electrical stimulation (FES). By electrically stimulating the arm muscles of stroke patients as they attempt a series of functional tasks it is anticipated that they will recover some control over the arm that was debilitated by the stroke.

The electrical stimulation is provided via an electrode array printed onto a wearable sleeve, and the patient's … Read more

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Updates and such

I'm acutely aware I haven't written here for... [looks for last post] nearly six months. This is mainly due to being busy, which in turn has fostered a "sure, I'll write another blog post, when I have time" sort of mentality. I started thinking this in September and, well, here we are.

To force me to get my act together and start writing here again, I offer you this mediocre excuse for a meaningful blog post. This isn't going to be very long but is going to be a bit more wishy-washy, so if you don't care for that sort of thing, feel free to ignore the rest of this and check back here later.

So anyway, what's kept me so busy for the past few months? Well, finishing my PhD by way of writing my thesis was the main thing. The actual writing part filled up my summer entirely … Read more